How to Spot a Potential Star Health Club Salesperson

After having interviewed thousands of potential salespeople over the years on behalf of client clubs…and after having hired and helped to supervise many of them…and after having trained them and worked beside them, I have found there are certain qualities that every...

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Death of a Salesperson

The new health club salesperson was ambitious and eager to learn all he could about the health club business and the technique of selling in the club industry. However, despite all of his efforts, new membership sales were few and far between. Sales effectiveness...

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How to Succeed in the Health Club Business

Will your gym business thrive, or will it join others that have faltered along the way? Here are some basic rules to make sure your gym business grows and prospers: 1. Find a Niche. For independent gyms, it is best to find a niche. A small gym with limited resources...

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Do You Have Success Apathy in Your Health Club?

Successful people sometimes tend to think they are successful at the health club business because of some instinctive understanding. They are good and what has happened is… they’ve done it once; they think can do it again and again. At some point club owners and...

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Is It Time for a Sales Tune Up in your Health Club?

What will you do differently in your health club, fitness, center, gym or studio during the last three months of the year to improve your new membership sales? If you don't take time to think about what you'll do differently, you may not do anything different. It’s...

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