Business Plans for Health Clubs and Gyms

Would you tell one of your club members that he’s ready for a triathlon when he hasn’t really prepared?  The same goes for a business plan.  While most gym owners need a business plan to start a new gym running in the right direction, we help many existing gym owners with business plans for transactions such as acquiring a building lease or opening a line of credit.  The most important purpose of a business plan is to communicate the vision for your club in a clear, compelling written document.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll help you develop your plan, then professionally write the plan on your behalf.

A business plan is a vital tool for the success of your fitness club. It’s a living document that generally projects three to five years into the life of your business, and outlines how you plan to grow toward success by answering these important questions and more:

  • How do you describe your club, and what markets do you serve?
  • What services do you sell, and how do they benefit your customers so that you’ll turn a profit?
  • What are your current financial resources and what additional funding do you seek?
  • How do you market your club, and what is your sales strategy?
  • What is the organization and management structure of your club?
  • What differentiates your club from others?

Developing and sharing a business plan helps ensure that you’re sprinting down the right track, and avoiding big mistakes.  Without a business plan, a club owner may learn the hard way that his start-up isn’t quite solid enough to make money, or his partners or staff that aren’t a good fit for the business model.   A solid business plan, on the other hand, can help you define advantages over your competitors by raising the needed capital to reach your goals.

Email us with your club business plan needs or questions, and let’s get to work!

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