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Maximize Your Gym’s Potential with FMC’s Tailored Digital Marketing Services

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Overcoming Obscurity in the Gym Business:
How Fitness Management Can Help with Digital Marketing

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Maximize Your Gyms Potential with Proven Digital Marketing Programs

The Secret to Long Term Gym Success is Getting the Phone to Ring, Door to Swing, Email to Ding and Text to Ping. You can have the nicest facility around, but you need prospects walking through the door. We can help. Call/Text 214-629-7223 or jthomas@fmconsulting.netFollow me on LinkedIn

Get 90 clients in the door in 90 days. – Guaranteed.


Fitness Professionals Only:  Book A Call To See How Our A.I. Blackhawk Appointment System Works

✅  We’ll Pre-Qualify & Pre-Vet Your Leads For You

✅  We’ll also Follow Up With Your Leads For You

We’ve had digital marketing success and provided new members and clients for our clients all across the USA. Including all types of fitness business models:

Big Box Gyms

24/7 Gyms



1-1 Personal Training

Group Training

Online Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Body Recomposition

Sports Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy


Dancing Studios

And the list goes on!


👉  We GUARANTEE 90 New Clients In The Door Within 90 Days… OR we will continue to pay for your ad spend until you make your money back!

Sound too good to be true? Here’s what our clients say:

“I’ve been a Gym owner for the past 23 years and digital marketing has never in any capacity worked to bring in traffic for our gym. Vikram and Kalbern have helped us close over 90 members for our Gym in the last 59 days and we can not be more thankful”

“Bottom line: the only thing that matters to me is results. And they deliver that.”

“I’m a Gym owner full time but I have a small personal training studio on the side. I was so skeptical of ‘Marketing’ that I almost didn’t sign up …

“Would have been the BIGGEST mistake if I didn’t move forward with Kalbern.”

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