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Evergreen Fitness Center

Situated just outside the city limits of beautiful Victorian Port Townsend, WA. Tsavorite, Inc acquired this newly establish fitness center in 2004 and renamed it […]

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The Benefits of Hiring a Gym Broker to Sell Your Gym

Hiring a gym broker can offer several benefits to a gym owner looking to sell their gym: Expertise: Gym brokers have specialized knowledge of the fitness industry and can provide valuable insights into market trends, pricing, and negotiation strategies. Network: Gym brokers have a network of contacts within the industry, including potential buyers, which can increase the visibility of your gym and lead to a faster sale. Marketing: A gym broker can create an effective marketing strategy to reach potential buyers, including advertising your gym to a wide audience, and promoting its unique features and benefits. Negotiation: Gym brokers are experienced negotiators and can represent your interests in negotiations, ensuring you receive the best possible deal for your gym. Time-saving: Selling a gym can be a time-consuming process, but with the help of a gym broker, the owner can focus on running their business while the broker handles the sale process. Overall, a…
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Everything to Know About POS Financing for Your Gym

What is a POS Purchase? Point-of-sale, or POS, refers to the moment a customer purchases your product. A point-of-sale purchase is any transaction. “Point” refers to a location. The point-of-sale is the transaction event itself, while the point of purchase refers to the checkout area. A point-of-purchase strategy entails finding ways to entice customers to make a higher dollar purchase before the point-of-sale or checkout occurs. Not only does POS financing enable point-of-sale transactions, but it also encourages the customer to spend more. What is POS Financing? Point-of-sale (POS) financing is a closed-end credit solution. Like a credit card, it allows the customer to buy now and pay later. But unlike a credit card, the line of credit ends as soon as the customer pays back the agreed-upon amount. POS financing is a solution for high-dollar transactions like personal training that consumers would otherwise not be able to afford or would charge to a credit card. Yo…
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Franchise Financing: 7 Loan Options For Your Franchise

Finding the correct franchise financing is integral to securing a loan for your business. Whether you're pursuing a conventional or business loan, the options available to owners are vast. Lenders provide all these types of loans, making it easier to find a finance option that works best with your needs and ambitions. We discuss seven franchise financing options and how they affect the maximum loan size, amount financed payments, and interest rates. What Is Franchise Financing? Franchise financing refers to how a franchisee pays for franchise fees and business expenses such as initial merchandise, equipment, or value-added products. There are numerous financing opportunities available for all types of franchise businesses. These options vary in structure to determine the amount of the loan. Interest rates also vary based on the size of the loan. How Can You Get Financing for a Franchise? Financing options vary based on the franchise type, location, and financi…
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