Funding for Mergers and Acquisitions 75M+ USD

Funding Available For Acquisitions | Operating Expense | Debt
Minimum 75M USD with no limits | Any Industry/Any Business | Worldwide | No PG | 3 Years Audited Financial Statements Required. Call/Text 214-629-7223 |
Real Estate and the Hospitality Industry |Manufacturing Firms
Mining Industry | Retail Companies | Telecommunications
Food/Grocery Companies | Pharmaceutical Companies |
Machinery Companies | Technology Firms
Fitness and Gym Industry | Forestry Companies
Logistics Companies | Hospitals | Casinos | Auto Dealerships
This entire methodology takes between 90 and 120 days to completion. I do want to emphasize that as a company, we are on your side and will negotiate what is best for you vs what is most lucrative for the lawyers, accountants, insurance companies, etc..
To help summarize and hopefully give you clarity on the approximate fees, please see the short list below.
Phase 1 – One to two weeks with no fees. We will on a no names basis, approach our network of select banking institutions and get preliminary feedback for the appetite on this particular opportunity.
Phase 2 – Up to 45 days.. With that feedback in hand.. You get to decide if it is appropriate to engage and move forward towards a term sheet with the bank that you feel best about working with given each of their responses (feedback) to us. (we will help assist you in this decision) At the stage of wanting a term sheet, the fees will be 150k to pay legal, accounting, diligence, etc.. This is the at-risk money. If the institutions deliver a term sheet that is not acceptable, you have the option to walk away or in some cases slightly modify the terms.
Phase 3 – Once the above has been completed, you open a FINRA-regulated escrow account which is funded with approximately 1.75mm to 2.5mm, which is drawn down on to pay direct invoices. This phase covers all aspects of issuing the bonds through to and including closing.
We look forward to working on this opportunity with you all and welcome your questions, comments, concerns. If you feel comfortable, please let me know and we can arrange a zoom meeting.
Jim Thomas | call/text 214-629-7223 |
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