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5 Tips for Managing Your Gym More Effectively

Managing a gym or a fitness center requires a certain level of dedication, expertise, and knowledge of the fitness industry. As always, having a good team to help you out is important. Here are five useful tips for managing a gym club. Choose the Right People It is...

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Networking Groups Can Help Market Your Gym on a Budget

I have been involved with networking groups for quite sometime. The results are always eye-opening. I participate not only for my business but also to bring value to my client base. Here is a sampling of what has come my way: new clients, a website copywriter, experts...

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Why Your Business Needs Text Messaging

Reposted from Read on to explore reasons on why your business needs text messaging in its marketing mix arsenal. We live in a customer-centric world. Retaining clients is as important as bringing in new clients. New clients are hard to find and...

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How to Improve Sales at Your Fitness Center

Owning a fitness center or gym can be a great investment and career choice as they can be very profitable in all economies. While a fitness center can be successful and profitable, it does count on sales and other efforts to drive enrollment and overall revenue. I...

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Why The Customer Always Matters Most

Reposted from I like facts. When you read, according to a 2017 American Express survey, that 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers spend more money to do business with a company that delivers great service it should get your attention. But there’s more;...

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How to Handle Fitness Member Delinquency

Reposted from The topic of fitness member delinquencies is like a tug-of-war. As gym owners and managers, you know that member dues are critical to the revenue stream of the business, but how can you approach the situation to ensure that members...

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