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3 Important Things to Look for in Fitness Club Help

Running a fitness club is like running any other business. And in any business, there is one element which is of utmost importance—the people. Your employees need to be hired with care because they're going to influence the impression that your fitness club makes on...

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Ideas that can bring people to a fitness club

Marketing Fitness clubs are amazing especially in this day, and age with all of the different types of ways people can take videos and pictures because of social media. Social media is a perfect marketing tool to help bring more people to your fitness club. Remember...

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Using Influencer Marketing for Fitness Centers

Increased social marketing technologies enable new fitness center owners to expand their market reach to current and prospective users. As the presence of online fitness gurus, coaches and trainers progress, fitness centers are presented with a unique opportunity to...

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Tips On Using Instagram For Your Fitness Business

Everyone wants to stay fit and let's face it, it is always exciting to find new and fun ways to stay in shape. A lot of people turn to social media for ideas. One social media that definitely stands out is Instagram. Instagram has become one of the largest platforms...

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5 Tips for Managing Your Gym Club More Effectively

Managing a gym or a fitness center requires a certain level of dedication, expertise, and knowledge of the fitness industry. As always, having a good team to help you out is important. Here are five useful tips for managing a gym club. Choose the Right People It is...

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Begin Preparing Now For Your Fall Marketing Campaign

When you think of growing new leads, you are more likely to think of outside customers rather than your own members as a source of steady new leads. The members using and getting results in your gym are the flesh and blood of your brand. The actual people in your...

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Sell More Gym Memberships: Overcome Sales Objections

Sell. Sell. Sell. When you are operating a fitness center, being able to sell a gym membership is critical. Sure, many prospects get themselves to the gym for their initial visit. But... once they tour the gym, hear the prices, and learn about the commitment - it all...

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Physical Injury in Fitness Centers

Fitness in America is a billion dollar industry, with a projection of $87.5 billion in 2018. The fitness industry grew to approximately 200,000 clubs worldwide, serving 162 million members. With the growing number of people who acquire gym and fitness centers...

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