Exclusive Supplements for your business capitalize on your built-in profit center

Many gyms and health attempt to carry the same products found on Amazon, BB.com, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Costco, Wal-Mart, but learn that either you price the products to compete with the big players, which leaves very small margins or you charge more for the product than the competition, which your members will soon learn they can get it cheaper and your business has lost trust as the supplement provider.

The average American spends over $671 per year on supplements, gym members typically spend more. Health care costs continue to rise and it increasing the demand for supplements as an alternative. There’s a lot of opportunity with the right supplements and model within each Gym and Health Club business.

TopTrainer is becoming the #1 Supplement Solution for Gyms and Health Clubs across the country due to it’s model built EXCLUSIVELY for the Health Club Business, not the mass market.

TopTrainer provides your members with the highest in demand products that are of cutting-edge quality and value. The Gym Owner receives 50%+ Profit Margins with price protection on all products, with sales and marketing support. No minimum order to get started

The success that gym owners have seen has captured the attention of both big box and boutique brands, including Anytime Fitness which has recently made TopTrainer the Preferred Vendor for Supplements.

Contact TopTrainer today by calling 844-361-7241 or emailing contact@toptrainer.com

Mention Jim Thomas and get a FREE Case of product on your initial order.

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