Website Design & Internet Marketing


  • Target and Promote offerings to current and prospective members
  • Improve Retention through better communications with customers
  • Build a “State-of-the-Art” image
  • Develop New Revenue Streams such as Web-Based ad sales

In today’s wired world, the Internet is the virtual online yellow pages. Your web site is your listing, and your email address is equivalent to your phone number. The Internet provides revolutionary advances compared to the limitations of classic media options. There is virtually NO definite space limitations of content, and using the allotted amount of space is virtually impossible, if not unnecessary. Your presentation will be in full color and can have full multimedia features such as sound and video, allowing interested prospects to respond to you immediately.

While costs compare favorably with other advertising options like the yellow pages, the advantages of having a web site for your club expand well beyond the analogy of the yellow pages. The demographics of the online population and the average health club member produce nearly exact matches for age range, financial capacity, and education levels. With this in mind, it makes sense to provide high-quality information to your target market.

Most clubs find that the return on investment comes within two months as prospective members start walking in the door with guest passes printed from your site.

Most health clubs and gyms need an informational website that projects the company’s image in a professional manner. The website needs to be able to attract new leads and clients with calls to actions that include making the phone call, filling out the form for more information, or printing out a FREE pass to be brought in.

Internet Marketing Opportunities

Reaching your targeted market, where they are at, is an absolute necessity today. And where they are at, is online searching for your service. With the growth of smart phones, everyone is searching immediately, and the placement of highly targeted ads online will likely increase your leads and sales by a significant margin.

Also consider this:

  • Members will access your site, and member satisfaction will increase as they can access information quickly and easily. The intangible benefit is the time you are not spending in recruiting new members because you are retaining your current ones.

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