Using Influencer Marketing for Fitness Centers

Increased social marketing technologies enable new fitness center owners to expand their market reach to current and prospective users. As the presence of online fitness gurus, coaches and trainers progress, fitness centers are presented with a unique opportunity to market their brand and expand their channels to key influencers within the industry. Influencer marketing extends beyond traditional referral marketing using the profile of an individual or group of individuals with comprehensive coverage over target audiences for fitness center owners. Engaging with an influencer marketing for fitness centers to expand brand reach is an excellent social strategy that should be considered by new fitness center owners.

Developing a Strategy and Finding Influencers

Before selecting influencers, brands must establish a deep understanding of your core users, and the value that you can add that differentiates you from other marketing for fitness center owners. Are you running a fitness and spa center? A boot camp? HIIT club? Once this is determined, it is critical to market to your target audience through influencer marketing channels always considering the users of your fitness center.

  1. Establish the criteria for how you intend to identify and select influencers that will align with your core values and mission.
  2. Then develop your budget and the channels you can afford. Affordable suggestions to reach out to influencers includes a quick Google search, databases that have scraped available public data, social networks or influencer marketplaces.
  3. Within this strategy, you must also develop your message for reaching out, never forgetting your users in the process so you ensure those who will advocate for your brand will also be an advocate for your users.

Content Development

After connecting with desired influencers to connect your users to your fitness center, develop a story, video outline or other content to communicate to your users through the influencer.  Create a clear and concise guideline for your influencer for delivering a  story that will add value to your members. The content should outline how your fitness center will accommodate them and not be overloaded with the services and amenities of your center.

Once the content is completed, conduct a thorough review and publish it on the social networks your users are most active on whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn or other social channels.  Influencers are purpose-driven individuals who users trust and are able to adequately establish rapport with. Your influencer should be selected because of the value they have created for their followers further establishing credibility with marketing for your fitness center.  Involving key influencers in your marketing efforts allows for your users to assume you can provide the same purpose if not more.

Developing an effective influencer marketing strategy for your business should be integrated into your marketing plan. Contact us to learn more. 

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