Fitness Center Marketing: Upgrade your Class Descriptions

What’s it like for your clients to read the weekly lineup of classes at your fitness center? Hopefully, they’ll find appealing and accurate class descriptions that will make them want to sign up, and have a great experience. Too often, their eyes may start to glaze over because everything looks the same, and the wording is so vague it’s hard to distinguish one session from another.

Know your brand. If your fitness center doesn’t already have a style guide, you may want to think about making that your first step. Consistent language that captures your unique strengths will make it easier to write class descriptions, and all kinds of marketing and program materials. Think about your audience and the kind of results that matter to them. If possible, interview some of your members, and incorporate their language into your class descriptions in an authentic way.

Write clearly. It’s very important that you know about exercise physiology, but there’s no point confusing your members with terms many of them won’t understand. Describe the content and purpose of the class so they’ll know what they’re signing up for. Consider a ranking system that will help them to figure out the intensity level.

Customize the bios: It’s usually the people that set one fitness center apart from another. After all, many gyms have similar equipment and activities so your members keep going to certain classes because they like the instructors. Encourage your instructors to write summaries that allow their personalities and expertise to shine through. It will help to build relationships.

Improve your fitness center marketing by taking a look at your class descriptions. It’s good to come up with catchy names. It’s even better when you delight your long time members and reach out to new ones by giving them program information that will help them to select the right workout for the results they want.

Contact us for more fitness marketing and management tips. We have over 25 years of experience owning, operating, and managing clubs of all sizes.

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