Tips On Using Instagram For Your Fitness Business

Everyone wants to stay fit and let’s face it, it is always exciting to find new and fun ways to stay in shape. A lot of people turn to social media for ideas. One social media that definitely stands out is Instagram. Instagram has become one of the largest platforms of social media. It is definitely a social media that any fitness consultant can use to promote and reach out to new and existing clients through videos, photos and interesting ads. Here are four great marketing tips to promote fitness at your gym or club.

Research Hashtags

Using hashtags are the ultimate way to get through and outreach your target audience. It is good to use more local, personalized hashtags that do not have millions of followers. Use one or two larger, more vague hashtags to extend your outreach but don’t rely on them, with all those followers, your post could get lost in the searches.

Post Daily

Always stay on top of it. It is recommended posting daily (twice if you can). It’s always good to plan a variety of tips, motivation, and relatable content. To keep yourself organize each month, they are many different apps that you can pre-plan and even give you a notification to post it whenever you schedule it. One app that is used Preview.

Follow Similar Businesses

If you are running your own fitness class, gym, club or services as a personal trainer, get your name out there. It’s always good to network, see what you can do to collaborate or gain ideas from fellow fitness and health lovers. Look for things that aren’t just similar services but products and services that are relatable.

Engage With Your Audiences

It is always great to talk to your audience. Create a conversation, ask questions, give advice and even throw in a fun contest. This can also really promote you and your brand. Let’s face it the best marketing tool is word of mouth.

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