Health Club Marketing Ideas: Mailing New Mover Postcards

People who just moved into your neighborhood are excellent prospects for your health club, but how do you turn them into members? Use new mover mailing lists to send them a postcard offering them a temporary free membership pass. It’s a technique that has been successful for many fitness centers. Here are some ideas for making it work.

When to Mail: Start by targeting people who just moved in within the last 30 days or so. If they work out regularly, they’re probably looking for a new health club. Even if they don’t, they may be wanting to start new habits along with their new address. Plus, a health club can be a safe and friendly place to meet people when you’re new in town. If you get a good response, you can do a follow up mailing to the names that didn’t respond the first time.

What to Mail: For the best response, try mailing a good-looking heavy glossy postcard with a fun photo and a perforated temporary membership pass that the recipient can tear off and bring in to take advantage of your offer. Yes, you could say the same thing at less cost with an ordinary letter or postcard, but you’re likely to get much better results if you make it obvious that you’re giving them something of value.

What to Say: While the specific offer may vary based on your business, a 3-day free pass for the recipient and a guest is a good place to start. People will also want to know your location and hours, and a brief description of your services. Include an expiration date, usually within 30 days. You may want to use seasonal language too to emphasize that this is a special time-limited opportunity.

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