Marketing Your Fitness Center Business with Landing Pages

Before we get into specifics about marketing your fitness center business with landing pages, we should define what a landing page is so everyone is on the same page (no pun intended). For the purpose of our discussion, a landing page is a webpage that has a form and captures the visitor’s contact information through that form. Of course, there can, and should, be additional content on the page that leads the visitor to want to give you their information. Here are 3 ideas for what that content might center around:

Introducing a New Piece of Equipment or Service

When you introduce a new piece of fitness equipment or a new service, it’s not enough to simply advertise it on various media and hope people will contact you. It’s better to create a scenario where they give you their contact information so you can follow-up with them. Creating a page on your website that describes the features and benefits of your new equipment or service is a good way to gather qualified leads for it. It’s also wise to use landing pages to gather leads for existing products and services.

Tip: incorporate a video on your landing page showing real customers using the new equipment. Video makes landing pages much more attractive.

A Free Offer

Offering a freebie is another great way to capture leads for your fitness business. In the online world, this often takes the form or a free e-book or e-course. But it can be anything of value, either real or perceived. An example for personal trainers and gyms is to offer one or more free fitness consultations. You may already be doing this offline, but creating a landing page explaining the offer can improve your reach because landing page links are easily sharable on social media and other online channels.

Tip: include a testimonial or two about the value of the freebie you offer.

Audience Targeting

Finally, you can create multiple landing pages for the same product or service and customize them to target specific market segments. The best example of this for fitness centers is gender targeting. A page with images or video of an in-shape male wouldn’t be optimal in attracting prospective female clients, and vice versa.

Tip: consider using people in your videos and still images that your target market can better relate to. For example, enlist the help of a newer client rather than someone who’s been a client for years.

These are just three ideas for using landing pages to market your fitness center. For more ideas on marketing your business, contact us today.

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