Love is in the Air: 4 Easy Ways to Help Members Fall in Love with Your Gym

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are all thinking about the relationships in our lives that make the world just a little bit sweeter. While you’re at it, don’t forget to think about the relationship between your business and your customers. Here are 4 easy ways to help your members fall in love with your gym for life…

Remember that good relationships give a little space. 

There are essentially three types of clients that you will have coming through your doors. The first is the friendly fittie, the second the “talk to me and die” lifter and the third is somewhere in between, maybe even a little self-conscious about the whole process in the first place. Space allows you to better fulfill the needs of each one of these people.

Space ensures that people can work out where they want. This may be especially important for newbies who are still getting used to the “everyone’s looking” atmosphere of a big gym. Some gyms have even taken it upon themselves to create “quiet rooms” where those who prefer privacy can find more of it.

Be fun. Nobody likes a snooze-fest.

Long-term relationships require work. Surprise your clients. Be fun. Try something new. This might mean holding contests, starting hashtags or giving away garb. You might even ask clients to be the face of your brand or offer free professional “after” photos for their patronage. Whatever you do – just don’t be the gym breakup waiting to happen.

Remember that you need your clients more than they need you.

You likely already have a blog and several social feeds – just make sure that you know how to properly use them. Whenmarketing for fitness, of course, you want to get the word out, but no one will stay on board for your posts for long if all you do is advertise yourself to the moon. Offer information that enriches the lives of your audience. Don’t be the shameless plug guy. Nobody likes him much. Instead, share healthy recipes, new workouts and write-ups on celeb fitness stories.

Set the mood.

The post-workout window is a great time to make some extra cash and also genuinely provide a needed service to your members. Creating a healthy food stand is a great way to make your members feel appreciated while bringing in extra dividends.

When you take the time to remember the little things, your gym’s relationship with its clients will stand the test of time, making yours the only gym that makes their heart skip a beat.

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