Marketing for Fitness: How to Bring in Millennials

If you are looking for marketing for fitness ideas, you could be wondering how you can bring in more millennials to your health club. This can be a great group to target, so follow these tips.

Offer Reasonable Prices

Many millennials are having a tough time finding good jobs or are saddled with student loans, so if your prices are too high, they just might not join. Consider keeping prices reasonable to open yourself up to a bigger market.

Cut Out the Long Contracts

More and more millennials are moving for their jobs and only find themselves in the same apartments or jobs for a rather short length of time, so long contracts can be frightening for them.

Focus on Green Living

The gimmicks that worked in the past just won’t work on the new generation. Many younger Americans are focusing on overall healthy and green living, so consider taking this focus with your fitness center and your advertising.

Get Involved on Social Media

If there is one  thing that many millennials love, it’s social media. Get on the popular social media sites to promote your fitness center, and encourage social media sharing and hashtags so that your millennial customers will share with their own friends.

Offer Modern Classes

A lot of millennials think of the cheesy workout videos that their moms did in the 80s when they think about aerobics classes. Consider offering more modern options, such as Zumba and pilates.

If you need more tips and advice for marketing your fitness center to millennials or to any audience at all, contact us to find out how we can help.

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