Marketing for Fitness: Corporate Plans

Are you looking to increase your customer base quickly and efficiently, without spending too much on marketing? Offering corporate wellness plans to nearby businesses can be an easy way to accomplish your growth goals. Whether your gym has one or many locations, you can offer plans to businesses in your area. Offering a small discount to corporate groups will pay for itself in the long run by bringing in more clients.

Seek out businesses that are near your gym locations. Many people like to fit their work out in right before or after heading to the office. The convenience of your location is a huge perk to prospective members.

When pitching your corporate plans, be sure to point out all the benefits of having a fit and active workforce. Reminding administrators of the potential for increased productivity, fewer absences, and better overall health (and therefore lower insurance costs) of their employees can get them on board to add your gym membership to their employee benefit package.

When in negotiations with businesses you can often present in front of staff to inform them of the amenities your fitness center has. This alone can be free and easy marketing, and it grows awareness of your brand.

Some employees that may not have previously been interested in a gym membership may be more likely to sign up so they can work out with a coworker, or enjoy the convenience of having their fee deducted right from their paycheck.

Even if each business only has a few people sign up from their workforce, offering corporate plans can help to steadily bring clients in, at low-cost to you, as well as grow awareness and a positive reputation regarding your brand.  Contact us to get in touch with a consultant that can help you with marketing or any of your fitness business needs.

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