Looking for a Fitness Club Consultant?

In business, you can’t do anything on your own. Smart business people use the knowledge of those around them and take advantage of the experiences of those who have gone before them. So if you are in the fitness industry and are looking for a fitness club consultant, let Fitness Management & Consulting come to your aid.

Fitness Management & Consulting has the experience that you probably don’t have, with a history of helping hundreds of struggling and start up gyms. In fact, our saying is, “when the going gets tough, the smart get help.” We are so confident we can help your situation, we actually offer one free hour of consulting to get you started.

For gym start ups, we offer many services that can get your business started off on the right foot. We help with choosing the best real estate, financing, pre-opening training for you and your staff, build-out of an existing location to maximize your gym’s appeal and efficiency, equipment, and more.

For those already in the industry, we offer sales training, website design and internet marketing, a forum to sell your gym, billing and collections, payroll services, weight loss and nutrition programs and more. Any pitfall that a gym has encountered, we have seen it. And we have the expertise to get you out of it. We know how rewarding the fitness industry can be and we want our clients to experience those rewards, not consider their fitness club to be a burden. For more information on how Fitness Management & Consulting can help, contact us today.

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