Social Media Marketing Tips for Fitness Centers

Today it’s more important than ever before that your social media pack a punch. This very valuable, low-cost form of marketing isn’t only great for recruiting new members, but it’s also a wonderful way to keep your current members engaged. With everything else you’ve got going on it’s easy to let your social media marketing fall to the wayside though. This is why you need these social media marketing tips for fitness centers:

  • Host a social media contest. You’ll find that those who work out regularly are driven to compete. Take advantage of this by hosting a social media contest and giving the winner one free month’s membership. People will find themselves inclined to share this around the web, drawing attention to your fitness center.
  • Don’t just share healthy recipes and fitness tips. Make sure you include inspirational images with them as well. Tools like Phonto make this easier to do today. By doing this you’re not making a hard sale, but you are giving your followers valuable information, which is what they really want.
  • Put the spotlight on your employees. People want to know who they’re doing business with today. By interviewing your employees you’ll humanize your brand. This entices not only your customers, but also your prospective customers to want to know more about you and what you offer.

For help employing these or other social media strategies for your fitness center, contact us. We specialize in helping both current and potential gym owners improve their bottom line and look forward to helping you with this too.

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