Could Your Health Club Benefit from Sales Training?

There are many aspects that go into building a successful health club. One of these that cannot be overlooked is sales training. The fitness industry is competitive so your sales associates need to be ready to present your gym in a way that is going to capture new clients. If you are looking at bringing in outside health club sales training, Fitness Management & Consulting is right for you.

Fitness Management & Consulting has helped hundreds of gyms, from start ups to struggling gyms about to go under. And we know every aspect of the industry. Our FMC Sales Training Academy is designed to motivate your sales team and increase your revenue. Our sales training is one-of-a-kind because it is completely customized to your gym and sales staff. We deliver the training at your club and our professional with over 20 years in gym sales is there presenting the material and helping your staff.

Some of the things we cover in the Training Academy are; how to get guests to buy faster, how to eliminate price objections, deepening trust with your guests, how to get more point of sale referrals, getting more appointments, how to make a successful outgoing call, how to differentiate yourself, and much more.

When you use our proven sales techniques, your gym will see a significant increase in new members each month. What was once normal for new sign-ups will seem small once you put these new skills into practice. For more information on sales training from Fitness Management & Consulting contact us today.


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