Inspire Your Members with New Group Fitness Classes

Are you looking to refresh your fitness class schedule for 2017? Adding new group fitness classes is a great way to inspire your members to get to the gym more often. Here are just a  few classes that are making waves this year.

Fitness set to heart pumping music is always a hit, and Pound offers just that. Each class is a fusion of cardio, dance, pilates, plyometrics, and isometric movements performed with lightly weighted sticks called “ripstix”. Your members will get a terrific workout and have a blast!

Bring out the competitive spirit in your members with Team-based classes. You can make it old school by offering a school yard games themed class where participants play tag, flag football, dodgeball, and other favorite games from childhood. You can also have treadmill races, or spin competitions where the team with the highest output wins.

Many people have always wanted to try dance themed classes, but feel like they have two left feet and will look silly. That’s not a problem with Groove. Participants are inspired to take each movement presented by the instructor and make it their own. Since no one will be doing the same thing, no one will feel like they stand out.

Animal Flow is an adventurous class that taps into the primal shapes found in the animal kingdom. This functional bodyweight class fuses the principles of gymnastics, parkour, capoeira and more to recreate the movements of a variety of animals.

Not sure if any of these classes will work in your facility? Try offering a demo, or a series of trial classes to get a sense of the level of interest from your members.

Are you looking for more ways to inspire your members to reach their health and fitness goals? Please contact us today!

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