Innovative Promotion Ideas for Your Fitness Center or Gym

The fitness industry is a rapidly growing market in the US. Statistics show that as of 2012 there were over 30,500 fitness centers in the US and over 50.2 million people had health club or gym memberships. While this increase has been incredibly profitable, it has also led to an increasingly competitive atmosphere for gym owners. Fitness management experts offer these innovative ideas for making your fitness center stand out from the crowd and drawing in new customers.

Invest in Your Community

With such a wide selection to choose from, clients like to know that their gym cares about their health and the health of their community. Get involved with local events by setting up health information booths or sponsoring organizations (think local sports teams or clubs). Look for a non-profit or charity which connects fitness with care (such as rehabilitation programs). The brand recognition will help customers remember you and establish you as invested in the health of your area.

Get Active Online

One of the reasons people commit to a gym is that they have trouble disconnecting from their digital devices long enough to exercise. Embrace your customers where they are. Develop a quality website which shows your unique business philosophy and services. Use blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to run specials or showcase special classes. Keep your information current – what are you doing today or this week that customers do not want to miss?

Consider Free Trials or Products

Everyone loves free stuff and small investments now can pay big dividends later. The goal of a giveaway is to have clients fall in love with your products or services (not simply to walk away with a T-shirt bearing your logo). Offering a free class can show off your talented fitness instructors and show potential customers how a new activity can benefit their health and fit their schedules. A free counseling session or consultation can be a great way to get clients excited about improving their health through fitness and give them a plan to follow in later sessions. Consider giving away low-cost free fitness equipment with your logo (like jump ropes) that future customers can use for your classes. Making a real connection with your clients can encourage them to invest in your gym rather than the other options.

To discuss innovative strategies for marketing your gym or fitness center, contact Fitness Management & Consulting.

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