Marketing Strategies to Target New Members

If developing a marketing strategy for your health club or gym is giving you nightmares, you’re not alone. The world of marketing and media is moving faster than ever, and if you’re heading into some uncharted territory consider these helpful health club marketing ideas to get you started and get new members in your doors, keep current members interested and excited, and generate attention even beyond your target markets.

Marketing Solutions:

  • Develop a Solid Online Foundation: It’s essential to build and operate an intuitive, user-friendly, and appealing website to serve as an attractive home-base for your marketing platform that runs on a tablet, smart phone, and computer. New clients will most likely visit your website before they ever set foot in your club, so it is vital that your site is a direct reflection of the quality of your facility.
  • Diversify your Media Outlets: Don’t put all of your media and marketing eggs in one basket, ensure you’re reaching as many future or current clients as possible by getting yourself into all avenues of the media. And make sure to tailor each post to suit that avenue of media. For example: post intriguing images on Instagram, contests and quick videos on Facebook, and step-by-step how-to videos on YouTube. Don’t bypass the oldies either, TV time, articles in the town newspaper, or radio ads will go a long way. A small blurb about your facility on the news will bring a whole new group of clients to your website, and then through your doors. According to Fast Company, “Don’t be fooled by the hype. Contrary to the buzz about the power of social media and apps, adding TV to the media mix still proves to be the most effective way to jump-start growth. One particularly interesting case is that of, which launched only online and grew steadily over two years without mass advertising. Since adding TV to its marketing mix last year, sales experienced a dramatic lift. TV exposure can—even weeks later—drive a potential new customer to search for you.”
  • Keep Your Content Current: Nothing is worse than recycled or stale content these days. If your followers notice you’re reheating the leftovers, they are going to lose interest. You have about 8 seconds to grab someones attention, so make sure your ads and videos are as quick as possible, and never run them for more than two weeks. Facebook has two different types of marketing and advertising plans, (premium and marketplace) that can help you spread the word about your business and get your ads, articles, contests, and news into all of your friends and followers feeds.

Please contact us today to develop a robust marketing strategy from professionals with almost 30 years of experience, become more competitive, and find solutions for owning and operating your new gym; with services for billing and collection, real estate site selection, lease negotiation, and broker services, fitness center sales, consulting and troubleshooting, health club promotion, fitness center advertising, gym equipment and flooring, and AED’s.

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