Fitness Center Promotions to Help You Get More Sign-Ups

If you are looking for more sign-ups in your gym, you might be thinking about various fitness center promotions that you can use to build interest. Luckily, there are a few different fitness center promotions that you can try to bring more people through the door — and to encourage these people to sign up for memberships.

Offer Free or Cheap One-Day Passes

Some people may not want to sign up for your gym without giving it a try first. One great idea is to offer free or very cheap one-day passes to allow interested parties to check out your facilities and services. You can offer these passes as coupons in your marketing materials, can give them to members so that they can pass them on to their friends or can advertise them on your social media pages and website.

Market Memberships as Holiday Gifts

The holidays are coming up, and more and more people are looking for gift ideas. Consider marketing memberships as great holiday gifts by offering special holiday promotions. For example, you can offer a discounted rate if a person buys a certain number of memberships for gifting purposes.

Offer Something New

Think about new services that you can offer that might bring people through the door, such as tanning, childcare services or classes. Talk to your members to find out what they might be interested in, or put up a poll on your website or your social media pages.

There are lots of promotions that you can put together to get more sign-ups. If you’re looking for more ideas to promote your fitness center, contact us at Fitness Management & Consulting.

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