Boosting Yoga Studio Referrals with Niche Markets (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part series on how to increase referrals for your yoga studio! Last time we covered how to get more referrals from the dance community the active elderly staying in shape. Today, we’ll talk about the importance of a welcoming fitness venue for young mothers and how they can spread the word about your business.

Expecting and Recovering Mothers

Pregnant women have special physical requirements, but most don’t want to spend the entire time bedridden. For at least the first half of their pregnancy, they need to be building back strength and muscle tone to prepare for the gravid and somewhat off-balance second half. A prenatal yoga class creates a safe and relaxing environment for expecting mothers to stay active without risking the kind of accidents and injuries that can happen with more kinetic exercise methods.

Motherhood forums are full of curious, concerned, and social moms sharing advice, experiences, and recommendations. After the birth, recovering mothers will need a comfortable place to get back into shape and often share referrals on enjoyable places to look. By catering to the rigors of motherhood, you invite the entire child-bearing population of your town into your yoga studio for quiet stretch and a cup of tea.

Without being told otherwise, people will assume that a yoga studio has a certain ideal clientele, and most people feel they don’t fit the bill. Either not young enough, athletic enough, ‘green’ enough, or some other mistaken mitigating factor. To broaden your word-of-mouth referrals, increase the percentage of the population who feel welcome in your studio!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best way to do that is to appeal to several niche interests, and the diversity that creates will further enhance your universally welcoming environment. Start by adding the new niche-themed classes to your website and include them in the SEO writing of your content to help those who look for neighborhood venues with their phones (most of us) find you, then let your current members know about the new special interest classes. Chances are they each have a few dancer/elderly/mother friends who will appreciate a service made especially for them.

For more great tips and tricks on how to effectively promote your fitness business, build your client base, and improve your sales, contact us today!

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