How Much Does a Gym Website Cost?

If you have discovered this article, you are likely researching the cost of developing and maintaining a gym website. It can become confusing. A smaller, independent gym or fitness center will often look toward “free” do-it-yourself solutions. This will often come from your hosting company installing a content management system for you, like WordPress, and you must do all the development work on your own. At the other end of the spectrum, a “full service” web designer can develop a website starting at $7,000 for a basic 6-page website. However, a more comprehensive and dynamic website will cost $40,000 or more, and may or may not include features like back-end functions, a customer relationship system, and the ability to sell memberships and products.

Regardless, a successful gym website is not based on price. It is based on value and the return on investment. There is a long list of reasons and goals for a gym website. It is not simply an online billboard. Nevertheless, at the end of everything, your gym website should bring new members in the door. You can have a great looking website, but if it does not carry its weight, it is just another cost. Don’t you agree? Here are the main goals that your gym website should accomplish.

  • Brand Awareness and Recognition – Your website should help consumers recognize the unique qualities and image of your gym or fitness center. When a person sees your logo, tag line, or another brand asset, they should instantly recall your company, mission, and core values. For example, when a person sees the Planet Fitness thumbs-up logo, they immediately connect it with a low-cost, high-value gym with a “judgment free” environment.
  • Effective Frequency – It is a simple fact of the matter that consumers do not move in straight lines. Very few people are going to decide to join a gym or fitness center on impulse. Effective frequency is a marketing term. It refers to the optimal number of times that a consumer must see your message before choosing an action. The more your gym website is a resource, the more reasons a visitor has to return.
  • Reputation Management – Today, consumers are using the internet to research virtually every company that they plan to do business with. Consequently, one bad online review or a negative social media conversation can have a dramatic impact. Your website gives you the ability to control the narrative by creating content that reflects your declared mission, principles, and core values.
  • Improved Communication – Your gym website is the best and easiest way to educate customers about your facilities, services, and products. Moreover, it gives you a way of answering frequently asked questions or responding to customer comments and concerns. Ultimately, prospects and customers can quickly find answers or easily contact you.

How is all this related to cost? Regardless of how you develop your website, there are several questions you need to ask. Is it worth the money you are paying? Are there any technical pitfalls? Does it require any specialized knowledge on your part? Is it easy to update? Are there additional or hidden costs? How will you know that the website is effective?

Do you have questions? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about how much a gym website costs, or a related topic, please contact us.

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