Boosting Yoga Studio Referrals with Niche Markets (Part 1)

Yoga studios are a place where people can come together for quiet, relaxing exercise in a safe and comfortable environment. While those who start practicing yoga often do it for a variety of reasons, from stress relief to flexibility, many find that they continue for the increased personal harmony they discover. So how does a yoga studio get the word out about its services without entering a state of aggressive marketing? By friendly word-of-mouth of their members, neighbors, and staff!

While this process can be slow to get started, yoga studios can boost the reach of their reputation by appealing to niche groups that have their own social networks and often recommend studios to each other. These niche groups spend time meeting for shared interest, chat on topical internet forums, and often attend studios in groups of close friends. Each niche group you appeal to will increase the number of recommendations your studio can achieve, inevitably boosting membership and walk-ins alike.


Whether ballet, jazz, contemporary, or ballroom; dancers have a special set of needs that aligns well with yoga. By hosting classes pitched toward dancers, you open your doors to a vast and well-populated niche community of flexibility-mad athletes. Yoga can be especially useful for dancers who are recovering from a sprain or other injury and need to stay in shape while avoiding the rigors of their usual routine.

As for referrals, dancers tend to be all about dance. They constantly spend time among other dancers and even seek each other out online to discuss methods, routines, equipment, and studios. More often than not, if a dancer finds something they think will be great for other dancers, the word spreads pretty fast.

The Active Elderly

As people age, they need to take better care of their bodies and many seniors turn to low-intensity exercise. Especially for those entering their elder years who want to maintain capability and physical fitness, taking up yoga is a great solution. These seniors already have wide social networks, and enjoy meeting and staying connected with other older people with similar interests. While bowling and bingo nights may be common places to see fun-loving elderly gather, many older people have a hard time finding a fitness establishment that is inviting.

By hosting a well-timed senior-friendly yoga class, you may be surprised how many older members begin to join, bring their friends, and continue to attend for years. Seniors have more reasons than most to care about staying healthy, and the low-impact practice of yoga will be a delightful way to spend an afternoon while staying flexible and strong well into their 80s.

Building referrals is all about knowing your customers and making your venue a welcoming place for their family and friends. Stay tuned for the second half of this two-part article where we finish up by talking about how to appeal to the large local population of expecting and recovering mothers. For more great tips on how to run your fitness business from trendy gyms to small local studios, contact us today!

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