Boost Fitness Club Sales, and Help Your Clients Get Ready for Summer

You are probably always looking to boost fitness club sales at your health club, and there is no better time to do it than when your clients are getting ready for summer. These are a few ways that you can boost your sales at this critical time of year.

Market for New Clients

Even those who haven’t worked out in months — or years — might be thinking about hitting the gym so that they can get ready for the beach. Now is a great time to start marketing for new clients by promoting your gym memberships heavily and offering special deals.

Consider Offering Additional Services

Take a look at the services that you currently offer, and consider offering other lucrative services that can help your clients get ready for the summer. For example, some clients might be interested in spray tanning.

Sell Summer-Friendly Workout Gear

As you might already know, selling workout gear — such as comfortable workout clothing — can be a great way to boost profits. People will probably be looking for cooler workout gear for the warmer months, so consider offering shorts, T-shirts and tank tops. Also, gym bags that can double as beach or pool bags might also be a big hit.

Now is the time when more and more people are focusing on the gym, so it’s a great time to start amping up your marketing efforts. If you are looking for more advice that can help you make more money at your fitness club, contact us at Fitness Management & Consulting today.

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