Managing a Gym with an Eye for Details

There are so many distractions, from TV to tech gadgets, that prevent people from leaving the home. Encouraging members to take time out of their day to workout requires attention to the details. Make sure your gym looks inviting, similar to a hotel. Once guests have arrived at a gym, it’s important to make their experience is worth the effort. That way, they keep coming back.

Managing a gym is about big strategies and small changes. Here are some simple ways to help guests feel welcome every time they go to the gym:

1. Cleanliness

Just like hotels, people notice the details when it comes to gym cleanliness. Consider instructing your team to wipe down gym equipment periodically throughout the day to demonstrate the highest levels of sanitation for guests. In addition, bathrooms should be spotless. Make sure floors are dry and paper towels are stocked. In addition, soap, lotion, and other amenities make a big difference in overall guest experience. All the hard work keeping a gym looking sparkling could be worthwhile in many ways. Your gym just might receive positive ratings online with people raving about its cleanliness.

2. Privacy in Locker Rooms and Workout Areas

Gyms give people a chance to get away from it all. Many people like to change in locker rooms before or after work. Privacy curtains for changing booths in locker rooms give guests a sense of privacy. In addition, gyms with male-only and female-only workout areas can be popular.

3. Security

Your gym should have a secure sign-in system. Cameras at the doors and in parking lots help to deter unwanted activity and make guests feel safe. Great security processes with key cards and a member photo database help members feel like they are a priority.

4. Hospitality

Make sure staff at front desks and trainers are friendly and approachable. Smiling staff members who are ready to make smoothies, lattes, answer questions or sell merchandise make the gym experience complete.

5. Air Flow and Ventilation

Other aspects that make a gym more comfortable for guests include excellent air flow and ventilation. Proper air temperature for classes and workout areas is key so that guests don’t overheat or get too cold. Windows in workout class rooms can also help. The less guests have to worry about, the better, when it comes to a well-maintained workout environment.

For more suggestions about making going to the gym worthwhile, keep reading our blog. If you would like a personalized consultation, contact us.

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