5 Tips For Building Your Team Of Gym Employees

Your team of employees can be the difference between a mediocre gym, and a GREAT gym that gym-goer’s love coming to, and refer it to all of their friends and family. That’s why it’s vital your team is trained to help make your gym the best it could be.

Here are five ways to build a great team for your gym:

1. Choose The Right Employees

You want to build a team of people who are passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Having experienced and interactive trainers who know how to explain gym equipment is needed to maintain safety and helpfulness for members. They must also have some level of athleticism so members trust your gym’s professionalism. Most importantly, you want employees whom are enthusiastic and happy to help, because their attitude will leave an impression on gym members. So before you hire any new employees, know what qualities you’re aiming for.

2. Go Over Your Gym’s Manuals

Don’t skip on providing training and employee manuals for all staff members. From the basic ground rules for the gym, to specific role responsibilities and best practices, you want your team to be on the same page. Preparation and training will go a long way. Don’t be afraid to set up role play and questionnaires for employees, or require shadowing for new staff.

3. Automate Simple Tasks To A Gym Software

Make it easier for your employees (and gym members) by implementing a gym software that will take care of member account management, scheduled classes, billing, and inventory. By automating tasks that a gym software can manage and organize, your employees will have more time to focus on more important projects, as well as their customer service.

4. Schedule Team Meetings

You can build up team morale by having a regular team meeting with your employees. This is a great time to discuss weekly highlights and progress, concerns, current projects and promotions, and to set any new goals. Make them feel involved and valued by encouraging participation and input. Always try to inspire their morale by reminding them of your gym’s mission and goals, which is to help people get more healthy and active!

5. Offer Incentives For Your Team

Having employees work with no incentive but a paycheck will not build a team that will go above and beyond for your gym. Offer incentives to work there like a discounted gym membership, free healthy snacks, opportunities for promotion, and throw in a team dinner once in a while.

Employees who feel appreciated and passionate about working in the fitness industry will make for a better gym team, and a gym that customers want to keep coming back to. So make sure to do what you can do build a great team. To help you out, contact us today.

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