4 Ways to Up Your Fitness Center Marketing through a Mobile Marketing Strategy and App

In today’s world, traditional marketing has been swapped for digital marketing, especially as more and more individuals reach for their smartphones to access information. In fact, according to a recent comScore study, Americans spend nearly three hours on their smartphones every day.

Armed with this information, it’s important for business owners to reach their customers where they can be found. Here are a few considerations for your gym app.

1. Make it free. App competition is intense, and users are accustomed to getting most of their apps for free. Unless you provide access to something so niche that it is unattainable elsewhere, you’re better off opting for a free model. But don’t worry—revenue generation will be reflected in an overall better customer experience

2. Motivate and coach. For gym-goers who are trying to lose weight, walk more steps, or even cook healthier, a little bit of motivation goes a long way. Fitness tips, videos, inspirational quotes, and access to nutritious recipes are just a few ways you can motivate your customers. You might also consider putting them in touch with online personal trainers and nutritionists to check in with over the course of the week.

3. Progress matters. Provide ways for your customers to track their workout routines and monitor their progress. This should include the amount of calories consumed as well as the amount of calories expended, giving them a snapshot into whether their dietary and workout regimens are balanced.

4. Power through with music. There’s nothing quite like good music to really kickstart your workout. Give gym-goers access to playlists that are ideal for a variety of workouts or that allow customers to find their tempo and then stick with songs that match it. You might also consider options that allow the music played to speed up or slow down in real-time as the customer’s cadence changes.

Overall, having an all-in-one hub that allows you to communicate with your clientele in one place is the ideal mobile marketing strategy to accompany your current efforts. If you haven’t yet invested in a mobile app, take some time to consider whether it would be beneficial for your customers—and for you.

To learn more about achieving success in the fitness center industry, visit https://www.fmconsulting.net/contact us

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