Does My Gym or Fitness Center Website Need Landing Pages?

Is your gym or fitness center using landing pages to convert visitors to your website? If not, it is important to you read today’s article. It is very likely that you are spending valuable resources on PPC advertising, social media marketing, blogging, email, and video production. Your marketing campaigns are driving traffic to your website. However, without landing pages, you are losing opportunities and wasting money.

What are landing pages? They are web pages designed with one specific purpose, to inspire conversion events. There are people coming to your website at different stages of the customer life-cycle. So, the traffic will include everyone from people who are just learning you exist to your most avid fans. Regardless, studies have shown that 98 percent of all website visitors will leave without converting, which essentially means they left without requesting more information, buying a membership, or signing up for your fitness newsletter.

Now, these website visitors found something on your gym or fitness center website interesting enough to visit. Maybe they discovered a blog article about effective weight loss methods, came across a powerfully inspirational social media post, or even clicked on a paid search ad. The thing is that customers do not make their decisions in a straight Point-A to Point-B manner. For example, a person who is thinking about making a gym or fitness center may randomly and inconsistently research information for months before moving to the final decision-making stage. Landing pages are a way to capture these potential members, allowing you to market to them, and giving them a reason to return to your website.

Landing pages are a vital component of online marketing by guiding visitors to take a specific action. Your blog, video, social posts, or paid advertisement brought the visitor to your website, but what do they do now? For example, a visitor discovers a blog article touting the benefits of a Boot Camp fitness program, what do you want them to do now? With a strong call-to-action, your website can guide the visitor to a landing page that encourages sign ups to your Boot Camp classes by offering a free trial.

Additionally, the more landing pages you have, the better. Since landing pages are targeted and segmented, one can be created for every service and product that you sell, including memberships, personal training, specific classes, fitness apparel, and more. Also, landing pages can be designed to address the specific interests, needs, and goals of each customer subgroup, from the college-aged person who wants to get ripped to the middle-aged person who wants to get back into shape.

Do you have questions? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about landing pages for your gym or fitness center website, or a related topic, please contact us.

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