Gym Interview Guide

Gym Interview Guide 

Applicant’s Name  ________________________________________________

Interviewer’s Name  _______________________________________________

Target Position  _____________________  Date of Interview  _______________


_____  Review application materials for past jobs/experiences which are most relevant to the interview.  Start   with oldest job/experience and work toward the present.

_____  The first interview should be no more than 40 minutes.  Plan your questions accordingly.

Outline for Opening the Interview: 

_____  Greet applicant, giving name and position.

_____  Explain purpose of the interview.

–  Acquaint the interviewer and applicant.

–  Help organization make fair decision.

–  Help applicant understand organization/position.

_____  Describe interview plan.

–  Brief review of past job/experiences.

–  Questions to get specific information about those jobs/experiences.

– Information on organization and position

–  Answer applicant’s questions about organization and position

–  Both will benefit from using this plan

–  Will be taking notes


Oral Communication                Tolerance for Stress        Decisiveness

Job Motivation                           Leadership                       Professional Competence

Work Standards                        Adaptability                       Planning/Organization

Attention to Detail                      Resilience                        Delegation

Initiative                                      Judgment                        Staff Development


Scoring:  0 = Not Observed     W =  Weak     5 = Outstanding ‘fit”

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