4 Fitness Club Marketing Ideas to Get More Exposure Online

Looking to grow your online presence? As the owner of a gym or fitness club, there are many ways to do so. Here are some ideas for growing your online presence.

Set Up Directory Listings

It’s important to get listings in business directories, such as Yelp, Google My Business, Apple Maps, and any local directories, as well as on social media. These are important for getting found through local searches and are crucial for boosting your local SEO campaigns. Make sure your business information is in the same format on all channels.

Get Reviews

Your next step is to get reviews from customers. Positive reviews boost your rankings tremendously. If you have a satisfied customer, don’t be afraid of gently asking for an online review.

Get On Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for gyms and fitness centers. It’s a visual platform where you can give your followers a glimpse of what your gym looks like, what the equipment is like, what the classes are like, and more.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another great tool for gyms and fitness centers. Not only can you give viewers an inside glimpse into your center, you can film and post parts of your classes, which will entice people to sign up. You can get a Youtube channel and post videos with tips and advice on fitness and health. You can also post videos on other social platforms. Doing a Facebook Live from your gym is a great way to connect with your fans.

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