SMS Marketing Solutions

Meet the SMS solutions that simplify business-customer communication.

Explore what makes SAM so robust and all of them come right out of the box ready to go.

SMS Message Format 

Short message service, the bread and butter and the standard text messaging format used to send content to a mobile phone over a mobile network.

MMS Message Format 

Multimedia messaging service, a more rich format to send content to a mobile phone that includes multimedia such as images, graphics, and illustrations over a mobile network.

RCS Message Format 

Rich communication services, is the evolution of SMS format. It gives you boundless rich messaging content that will allow you to create any experience right within the messaging UI.

Scheduling Campaigns 

Our campaign editor makes it simple to schedule campaigns in advance to youraudience at a specifi date, hour, minute and second.

Keywords Opt-In  

With SAM, you can create a keyword and use it to grow your mobile audience. Just have them text your keyword to 522-36.

Webform Opt-In 

Now you can grow your mobile audience from anywhere on the web. Just create a webform and submissions will be place into your portal automatically and arranged for future campaigns.

One-on-One Communication

With our inbox features, you will be able to respond to anyone who replies to your campaign, whether you sent it to one or many.

Dedicated Shortcode  

Our shortcode is yours, use it to promote your SMS program just like you would with your keywords. They go hand and hand.


SAM will communicate for you based on MO’s. Any mobile originated message will be sent an automatic response that you have the ability to customize.

URL Shortener 

Consolidate your URLs into smaller one with our URL shortner. It will save you space so you can put more focus on your message.

Manage Your Subscribers  

SAM makes it easier for you to Manage your subscribers without even leaving the system. You can create and move your data from group to group.

Importing and Exporting 

Import and export your data whenever you want, in and out of the system with ease.

Comprehensive Dashboard 

Visualize all of the important KPIs that you need to make informed decisions, so you can continuously fine-tune your mobile marketing program to perfection.

Text Message Automation 

Automated your text message communication all in one place. Focus on what is really important and let us do the engagement for your business.

Loyalty Rewards

Build a relationship with your mobile audience that keeps them informed about what you have to offer. Award those who show more involvement and motivate your audience you haven’t seen in a while.

Campaign History  

Every campaign you send and all the details are recorded for reference.

Advanced Reporting Metrics 

See important statistic against any time range such as total campaigns, total messages sent, total deliveries and more.

Subscriber Reporting

With full transparency see exactly who is opting in and out to measureeffectiveness of your mobile program.

Manage Check-ins  

Manage your loyalty programs activity and see how often your mobile subscribers are checking in and see redemption patterns with your offers.

Data Security  

With SAM all of your personal data and subscriber data is protected and secured by our industry leading SSL encrytion.

 Campaign Preview

Before you publish a live version of your SMS campaign send a draft to your mobile number so you know exactly what your campaign looks like.

Quick Add  

Add subscribers to your mobile program immediately with in seconds with SAM’s quick add widget. So you can grow your audience on the go.

SMS API, RESTful and Simple  

Give your application simple to complex communication services with our RESTful API docs. We can help your development team onboard the code so that it works exactly how you imagined.

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