Tips For Gym Owners: 5 Ideas To Make More Money

Implementing new revenue streams for your gym outside of gym memberships is a great way to make more profit, as well as provide additional incentives for customers to stay at your gym.

Here are five ideas to take your profit to the next level:

Set Up A Snack Or Juice Bar

Your gym members will need pre- and post-workout fuel. Having options available at your gym will be more convenient for their workouts. This is extra income that will also translate into grateful and loyal customers. Set up a snack or juice bar with power and protein bars, fresh fruits, and healthy beverages like smoothies and juices.

Sell Fitness Gear And Products

Have fitness gear and sports nutrition available for sale. You can partner with companies to stock your gym with workout bottles, shakers, belts, protein powders, and other healthy foods and supplements. For immediate use in the gym, sell towels, gloves, fitness clothing, and even headphones for those who forgot them. Having items that gym members already need for sale is an easy additional revenue stream.

Offer Personal And Group Classes

For gym members who need more guidance and personal training, offer one-on-one private sessions and group classes. Gym sessions are a great way to not only help people reach their goals, but keep them coming back because they value what your gym has to offer.

Run Challenges

Run promotional and special programs that get gym members excited. For example, start an 8-week Summer Beach Body program to motivate members to look and feel great for the beach. You can also run a Nutrition Month in which members can sign up for a healthy food class or challenge. The variety keeps it interesting for regulars, as well as attracts new potential customers.

Offer Family Membership Accounts

Having family memberships available is a great way to encourage more member sign-ups. You can easily implement this by using a software program that allows families to add as many family members under one account sign-up. Once one member signs up, ask: “Would you like to add any family members under your account?” This is more convenient for them, and encourages more people to get active in the gym.

There are many ways to include additional revenue streams for your gym. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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