4 Ways to Get More Members at Your Gym

Looking to get more monthly members at your gym? There are many ways to attract more customers. Here are some useful ideas.

Start a Referral Program

Get existing members to refer their friends and family. It’s important to offer a meaningful incentive. One idea is an extra month free if they get someone else to sign up for a full paid month. You won’t lose any revenue this way, and you’ll get more recurring members in the long run.

Offer a Free Trial

There are a lot of people who are probably interested in your gym but don’t yet know if they’ll like it. Give these people a chance to try out your gym by offering them a free trial. It can be for a week, for a month, or you can offer one day a month when non-members can use your gym — whatever works for you.

Offer Coupons and Deals

Offer coupons and deals on a regular basis to increase your retention rate. You can do this via social media or email, but the easiest way is to set up a texting system where members can text a five-digit number to sign up. Send them regular deals and promotions, such as free or discounted classes.

Offer Unique Classes

Don’t just offer the same boring classes that every gym has (of course, you should have the basic classes as well). Look around and see what’s missing in the gyms in your area. Take surveys and see what kinds of classes your members want.

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