4 Ideas for Getting More Active Monthly Gym Members

Interested in getting more members at your gym or fitness center? Here are a few tips for increasing your sales, members, and revenue.

Use an Easy Booking Platform

Use an online platform where members can easily create an account and book spots for classes and training sessions. People will be a lot more inclined to sign up when they can do it easily from their computer or phone. Make sure the site is mobile friendly, or go the extra step and develop a mobile app.

Use an Easy Payment Process

Make sure that members can pay their bills easily. Set up a recurring membership option which will bill automatically each month. This will bring in more recurring revenue. Offer discount prices when people sign up for a six or 12-month period.

Get a Doctor Referral

Getting a doctor to refer patients who need help with weight loss or other health issues to your gym will bring in a whole new stream of new members. This will take some time, as you’ll have to develop a relationship with the doctor and get them to trust you. You’ll have to show them how people have been helped by your gym and give them an inside look into what your fitness center offers.

Use an Exit Survey

You will always have people who will cancel their monthly membership. This is unavoidable, but you can certainly decrease the number of people who leave by fixing the things that are bothering them. Create a survey that asks canceling members what you can do better.

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