Marketing for Fitness: Tips for Bringing in Business from the Out-of-Shape

As you are marketing for fitness, you might be targeting a local audience that is currently really into eating healthily and working out. However, it’s also a good idea to target potential members who are out of shape and who haven’t been exercising at all. This can be a tough market to target, but these are a few marketing tips that can help.

Make it Known That Your Gym is Welcoming

First of all, you should make it known that your gym is welcoming for members of all types, no matter how in-shape or out-of-shape they might be. Add a tagline to your social media and your website, and consider shaking up your advertising. Some ads can target those who are a bit more fitness-centric, while other ads can target those who are just starting out or who have never joined a gym before. Mixed marketing can help bring in a mixed crowd, which is a good thing!

Provide Short-Term Passes

Those who know that they are looking to join a gym might not hesitate to sign a long-term contract, but those who are just starting out might not be as eager. Consider offering day passes or short-term memberships to let these potential members give your fitness club a try with no strings attached. Once they see how great your fitness center is and how great they feel after giving a workout a try, they are sure to want to sign up for a longer membership.

Provide Options for Beginners

Once you bring in a crowd of members who aren’t in good shape, you have to make sure that you have something to offer them. Make sure that you have beginners’ classes and that you have people on-site who can talk to beginners about their goals and who can teach them how to use the equipment. This can help everyone feel more comfortable and can help newbies get started out toward their goals in the right way.

It is entirely possible to market your fitness club to those who are out of shape but want to do something about it. If you need additional help with marketing your gym, contact us at Fitness Management & Consulting today.

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