Marketing for Fitness: Create a Monthly Gym Member Spotlight

You’ve probably seen employee spotlights at various retailers and restaurants. The same technique can also work for fitness clubs. After all, your loyal members make great advocates for your gym, and you’ll gain visibility on social media.

How to Create a Monthly Gym Member Spotlight: You may already have some members in mind whose passion and commitment you admire. Invite them to share their story in a brief video interview you can post on your website and social media. Meanwhile, send out emails and put up posters in your lobby to announce the program and your first awardee. Thank your winners with thoughtful gifts like a logo t-shirt or water bottle. Their stories are a powerful and memorable way to get your message across, and put a human face on your brand.

Managing the Selection Process: Awardees could be nominated by other members, and selected by staff. However you do it, think about the kind of examples that will appeal to your membership base. Maybe you’ll want new mothers who are trying to lose their baby weight or amateur athletes training for sports competitions. People are often more inspired by another member who looks like them rather than a professional trainer whose accomplishments seem beyond their reach.

Building Your Community: A member spotlight can be an effective way to reach out to new members and invigorate your community. Social media and other online channels will help you to reach audiences beyond your current membership. At the same time, your existing members may identify more closely with your gym especially at large facilities where they otherwise might not know the names of other members or get to meet people who work out on a different schedule.

If you’re a current or future gym owner, we can show you how to successfully manage your club, and increase your sales. Contact us today at Jim Thomas Fitness Management and Consulting to find out how to get quick measurable results.

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