Maintain a Healthy Retention Rate

Each member that joins your gym makes up the success of your business. However, we cannot forget about the members that are canceling their memberships and leaving your gym. If you want to see a steady and consistent growth in your gym (and in your pockets) you must implement techniques to retain your existing members!

For many of the members that want to cancel or decide not to renew after their contract ends, their reason is that they are not using the gym enough. We need to focus on long-term retention and not just getting people into the gym to join, but keeping them as active members. Consider the two strategies below.


Run a report to find out which members are inactive, specifically individuals that have not used the gym for at least two months, and mail them postcards. We recommend a postcard with your club logo and slogan on the front and blank on the back so you can hand write a “we miss you” postcard. If you do not want to spend money on postcards, send out an email blast but be sure to BCC (blind carbon copy) your members so you are not giving their email address out to others. Some of your members may still be in an agreement with multiple months left. Maybe they weren’t active in the first few months, but if you can get them to start using the gym before their agreement ends, they may be more likely to renew or resign. This is a simple strategy to put in place that will show your members you care.

Free Class

For any members that try to cancel before their agreement is up, simply let them know they have [X] months left before they can cancel. In the meantime, try to find out why they want to leave the gym. If they tell you they are not using it enough, invite them to try out a free class to help find motivation. Or if your trainer has availability try offering them a free session with a personal training. Plus your class instructor or personal trainer may end up connecting with the member and gain a new client. Remember our goal is to retain members, so we want to find a way to get them motivated again.

Never stop implementing strategies to keep your members active and to avoid future cancellations. Maintaining your memberships means maintaining your gyms growth and success. For more information on, Fitness Management and Consulting, please explore our blog. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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