Is Your Gym Social? Some Simple Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is integral to many fitness center marketing plans. Well-considered social media strategies can help attract new guests and retain current members. While some gyms create generic posts with lackluster photos, it helps to really take the time to customize your posts. Providing engaging content that offers value to viewers takes social media for your gym to the next level.

Here are a few social media suggestions:

1. Don’t Limit Your Options

Besides Facebook, consider posting on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well. Videos, spontaneous photos, and well-planned blog posts can all be part of your social media strategy. Brainstorm how you would online viewers to view your gym and consider creating posts that inform or entertain viewers.

2. Motivate

Social media provides opportunities to post about awards, recognition, and articles by your fitness instructors. Many gyms use social media to motivate people to keep going to the gym and reach their personal goals. By encouraging fitness and health, you are offering a platform of support and creating a culture of excellence.

3. Remind

If your gym has annual membership specials or weekly contests, you may want to post that information on social media. Pay attention to the quality of the graphics and the copy. Work with your marketing and/or creative team to make sure your posts reflect the brand of your gym as best as possible.

4. Keep a Social Media Calendar 

Strive to have a good mix of posts consistently posted, ranging from memes to in-depth posts about specific fitness topics. Don’t forget the hashtags or the brief descriptions. You might also post well-designed infographics or fun, silly photos during the holidays. By planning some of your posts in advance, you can ensure that you always have something recent online to remind people of your gym.

To learn more about how to make your gym more successful, contact us.

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