How to Get Fitness Club Members to Come Back

When people finally make that crucial decision to take charge of their health and join your fitness studio, they are fully aware of the benefits of exercise and wellness. They know that exercise gives them better health, a fitter body, and improves their quality of life. However, even after fully acknowledging  how great meeting fitness goals are, your members can still fall through the cracks. Why does this happen and how can you prevent it from happening? Today we will tell you how you can motivate your members so they keep coming back.

Regular Follow-ups

Do not underestimate the power of a periodic “how have you been doing?” to your clients. The unbelievable stresses of modern life can really take a toll on someone’s fitness regimen. Checking in on your members to see how their lives are going can open up a conversation that reveals the presence of stressful obstacles in their lives to fitness.

Being able to be present and encourage them to persevere through these difficult seasons of life that often make working out difficult will let them know that you are more than just a “gym.” Your fitness studio is a place where they are cared for and their well-being goes beyond what the scale says or how many inches they lost this month.

If anyone has fallen behind on their goals due to a stressful home or work situation, be the encouraging factor when they finally come in for a stress-relieving workout. Be welcoming and assuring that as long as they don’t give up, that fitness goal is always in reach. For many people, working out is the only time they invest in themselves during the day, and during exercise is a time where they reclaim inner peace. Point out the positive and tell them how glad you are that they are there!


Strong, Welcoming Communities Gain Member Loyalty

There is no need to convince someone that working out is a good thing for their body and health. However, there needs to be a welcoming environment and strong community within a fitness studio to motivate members to return. When weathering the stress of daily life, coming to work out should be an oasis for your members.

Since this is probably the only part of their day that involves taking care of their own body and mind, it is especially important that your members feel valued and accepted at your fitness studio. By checking in on their well-being periodically and establishing positive community values of encouragement and acceptance, you are well on your way to keeping members returning for another great workout.

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