Help for Your New Gym Start-Up

If you are starting a new gym chances are you have a passion for fitness and you want to share that passion with others. Perhaps you have an idea for a niche gym or see a location that would be perfect for a gym. What you may not have is a passion for business and marketing. That is where Fitness Management & Consulting can step in and help a new gym start-up. If you have thought about things like the equipment you want to buy and the classes you want to offer but haven’t given a ton of thought to training your staff and creating a website, we can help.

Fitness Management & Consulting is a business out of Dallas-Ft. Worth that specializes in consulting for new gyms or gyms that are in trouble. Founder Jim Thomas has over 25 years of experience managing gyms and fitness centers of all sizes. He has been featured on ABC, Fox News, CBS News, and NBC News. For start-ups, Thomas provides his expertise of what works and what doesn’t.

Fitness Management & Consulting will walk you through the entire process; finding financing, picking a location, training your staff, buying equipment, and any necessary follow-up. Set your gym up for success with completely customized sales training from FMC Sales Training Academy. Each training will increase your sales skills and knowledge so you can go out there and compete with the other gyms in your area.

For more information on how Jim Thomas and Fitness Management & Consulting can help you with your gym start-up, contact us today.

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