Group Classes, a Popular Marketing Tool for Fitness

With over six billion dollars spent annually, the fitness business proves itself as a profitable business choice. But marketing for fitness is a challenging aspect of the business. Areas such as demographics, economics, age, income, and interest levels are important to include in your business and marketing plan. Fitness centers, gyms, personal training studios, and supplemental products are numerous in most large and small cities, which is why that unique option for clients may increase your business and profits.

Group classes, especially small group classes and training are an innovative marketing tool. Let’s take a look at some advantages of offering small group classes and training:

Cost – Personal trainers operating on a 1 to 1 client basis can cost up to $50.00 an hour (or more). This can be cost prohibitive for many potential clients. But doing small group classes will keep cost down for your clients and may increase your bottom line.

Popularity – Currently, small group classes are the “in” training option. Clients continue to feel they are receiving special attention from a teacher or trainer and feel less intimidated than working out with a large group.

Scheduling – Specializing in small group classes allows you, as the owner, to schedule the classes on YOUR time frame. Operating a conventional fitness center or gym means having to be present during business hours, more employees, more equipment, and additional costs. With more time available, you can work ON your business, not IN your business.

Specialization – Honing small groups toward a specific group of clients is another advantage. Marketing and scheduling groups for age, fitness levels, physical limitations, even corporate groups, gives the client confidence the class is geared for this specific group.

Fitness Management & Consulting is here to partner with you to address your needs and concerns. Please contact us at your convenience. We can help you solve problems and provide solutions.

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