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Are you planning to start a health club or premiere training class? The ideal entrepreneur attempting to tackle this achievement should have a demographic to whom they plan to appeal to. As fitness has grown in popularity, it has left many angles and avenues to pursue in search for a customer base. Specializing in a specific field of fitness, or marketing to a particular age group can be exactly what you need to get your business up and running in optimal condition. Take these points of possible interest to explore the type of customer base you’d like to build your business around.

  •  The Future of Youth Programs

Today’s youth is being led away from physical activity from the rise in technology and new-age social media. Using this angle for marketing your memberships and plans to inactive youth can have your service desk flooded with potential clients made up of eager parents looking to get their detached child or teenager into something more positive. This would be appealing to a mass of parents tired of their children consumed by television screens and mobile devices, desperate to have their child involved in something more physically stimulating and as intended, healthier. Whether you implement something similar to the newly founded 60 Minutes Kids Club or specialize in training for familiar sports or martial arts this can be a great demographic to pursue. Go youth!

  • A Niche for New Mothers

Listen in to a conversation at a local coffee shop, or at a kids sporting event; both notorious hang out spots of the suburban mother. You may hear conversations between the women on their desires to have the figure they once did before giving birth to little ones. Attracting this particular clientele may only require a few different group training classes such as scheduled Crossfit® or Zumba® classes that would appeal to the mother looking to get back into shape. It is possible to create your own form of training that prioritizes the needs of these women and specializes in support for a healthy life and a “return to normalcy” for ladies searching for the physique they dearly desire.

  •  Endorsing Exercise for the Elderly

Physical therapy almost always involves some form of resistance training and restoration of natural movement. Todays elderly could be a great and fulfilling customer base depending on your business’s location and the surrounding population. With the variety of training possibilities for certified personnel in your health club hiring those who specialize in these forms of exercise can land you customers looking for real life improvement. Emphasizing on traditional values such as customer loyalty and respect; could entice elderly clients to join who are looking for the same in their prospective fitness provider.

These are only three potential market groups within the ever-expanding fitness industry. Of course, all deserve to lead healthy and happy lives, that is where you as a prospective or respected health club owner comes in. Projected to only grow and add roughly 1 million membership holders each year according to statistics, it seems your approach is almost endless, that is why we at Fitness Management & Consulting assist you in all facets of business start-up for your envisioned health club. Please, Contact Us for your consultation.

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