Fitness Club Services That You Might Not Be Offering Yet

In your fitness club, you probably already offer various classes, various machines for your patrons to use and things like personal training. However, there are other fitness club services that you could be offering to help drum up business and keep your customers satisfied. These are a few services that you may want to consider offering.

1. Nutritionist Services

Many people who attend your fitness club are probably doing so to lose or maintain weight. A lot of people don’t know how to eat properly so that they can lose weight or stay at a healthy weight while staying properly nourished. Offering nutritionist services can help your patrons get on track with a healthy eating plan and stay that way.

2. Daycare Services

There are a lot of parents who would love to work out at the gym but who aren’t able to due to a lack of child care. One excellent service to offer for your patrons is a small daycare service that allows parents to drop their kids off in a fun and safe environment while they are taking their classes, talking to their trainers or exercising on your equipment.

3. Tanning

Many people love to get a tan so that they can look and feel their best in their newly-toned bodies. Consider offering tanning as a part of each member’s package or offering it as an add-on service for added profits.

As you can see, there are a few different fitness club services that you can consider offering for your patrons. If you contact us at Fitness Management & Consulting, we can talk to you about other ways to improve and promote your fitness club.

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