Fitness Club Sales: Making Memberships Count

As the New Year approaches, many people may want to lose that extra holiday weight. In addition, it’s common to want to make those New Year’s resolutions happen. So how can fitness club sales  keep old members coming back, and gain new members? Here are some helpful tips:

Carefully Tailored Membership Options

Will your gym demographics prefer membership specials or a flat rate all year round? Some members may prefer month to month plans so that they can stay within their budget on a short-term basis.

Perks and Rewards

Consider how a gym membership benefits someone, their friends, and/or their family. Some gyms offer rewards for referrals or discounted memberships to family members. In addition, think about how tangible benefits, as well as intangible qualities, make your gym unique. Some gyms have smoothie bars, while other gyms have childcare on site.


A strong selling point for many gyms is the sense of community. Gyms can be a place for people to meet up with friends or members of their sports team. A sense of local enthusiasm for a gym helps retain members and attract new people. Try to pinpoint loyal groups that prefer specific classes or trainers. What gives people that extra reason to keep coming back?

Free Personal Training Starter Sessions

To increase the safety of gym members and to encourage new connections, consider offering a free personal training session at your gym to new members. That way, people can learn how to use the equipment safely and feel a sense of belonging. In addition, this can help encourage people to sign up for more personal training sessions.


It often helps to increase the visibility of your gym in the community. Consider promotional t-shirts, gym bags, and other items to give out as rewards or to sell. Make sure the branded products are in-line with your overall vision for your gym.

If you are seeking a partner to help you make your gym more successful, contact us.

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