Why Sales Training in your Health Club is a Good Investment

There’s a direct connection between a health club’s sales training programs and its member growth, industry competitiveness, and financial profitability.

Here are some reasons health club sales training in general is a worthwhile investment:

• Sales training increases the effectiveness of marketing, referral and promotional programs.

• Sales training increases staff retention.

• In general, sales training increases sales rep job satisfaction, motivation, and morale.

• Motivated and well-trained health club sales reps are loyal staffers, which means turnover goes down.

• Employee sales training and development provides you with a pool of skilled and knowledgeable people who can move up in the organization and fill critical jobs and perform critical functions.

• Sales Training helps your organization ride the crest of technological change and innovation.

• Well-trained, highly skilled salespeople are more efficient, productive, and creative.

• A trained workforce provides the human resources to expand into new markets and seize opportunities in a highly competitive marketplace.

• Sales Training helps develop a positive organizational culture in your health club in which confident, knowledgeable, creative staffers are poised to provide superior service to club members.

Five ways you can increase the payback of your training dollars. To make sure your employee sales training is always successful and cost-effective…you need to:

1. Make sales training on ongoing process in your health club, and reassess sales training needs on a regular basis to be sure you’re addressing what’s needed right now.

2. Encourage your salespeople to discuss their sales strengths and weakness in membership sales and then request additional health club sales training.

3. Provide health club salespeople with an opportunity to use newly learned sales skills right away.

4. Be sure your health club sales training is comprehensive, applicable and interactive, and be sure to role play with salespeople in a safe setting.

5. Send your health club salespeople back to the club with sales checklists, step-by-step club sales instructions, and reminders that help them effectively apply their new industry specific sales skills.

The only thing worse than training your staff and having them leave is to not train your staff and have them stay.

Now, go get some health club sales training!

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