How to Develop a Profitable Fitness Center Business Plan

Many people today have interest in starting a gym or fitness center. This is a tough business to succeed in with all of the competition in the market. However, there are still lots of opportunities in the industry if you have a solid business plan. Here are some of the most important aspects of developing a profitable business plan for your fitness center or gym.

Starting Out

The most difficult part of starting a gym is getting through the first few months. In the fitness industry, you have to spend a lot of money in the beginning on space and equipment. Equipment is expensive, and without clients your cash flow is negative. Few people have cash on hand to make these purchases, and they have to borrow money in order to get started. Before spending a lot of money, make sure you have a plan for profitability. You need to know how many customers it takes for your business to become profitable. Once you know this number, design your marketing plan around bringing in that many customers.


For any new business, marketing is essential to success. This is especially true for fitness centers because of the compressed window when people typically sign up. A lot of people sign up for a gym in the first month of the year. You have to ensure that you capture the local market share during this time. January is the best month to run promotions to drive new customers to your business.

Next Steps

If you want to succeed at a high level in the fitness industry, contact us for advice along the way. Our team helps a variety of gym owners with their business plans. We have years of experience in this industry.

Gym Advisors Can Help You Determine Why Your Gym is Failing

When you first opened up your fitness center, you might have had plans in mind of it being a total success. However, over time, you might have found that your gym just hasn’t done as well as you had hoped it would. In fact, you might even be struggling to keep it afloat. You may think that it’s time to call it quits, but before you do, it’s not a bad idea to work with a team of gym advisors to see if you can get to the bottom of the problem.

A good fitness center can thrive just about anywhere. By working with gym advisors, you can get an outside opinion about what might be causing your gym to fail. For example, it might be time to remodel the place and to upgrade your equipment, or you may need to start offering classes or other things to help draw people in. There could be nothing wrong with your gym at all; instead, the problem might be that you aren’t marketing it enough or that you aren’t marketing it effectively. A team of experienced advisors can look at all of these things and can help determine why your gym isn’t doing well in the first place. Then, they can help provide advice that can help you make it a success.

Don’t give up your gym just yet, even if it’s not doing well. Instead, contact us. Then, our professional team can work with you to help you turn things around and turn your fitness center into a profitable and successful business.

Can a Gym Consultant Help Me Run My Fitness Business?

There comes a point, no matter which industry, when a business owner finds that they need help. It is in these moments that they start to think about hiring a consultant. Whether you are a gym startup or an established fitness business, hiring a consultant is very often the most economical way of capitalizing on very specialized knowledge and experience. That said, it is important for a gym owner to understand the role of a consultant, and learn when is the best time to make use of one.

As the owner of a gym, you are used to everything ultimately falling on your shoulders, and likely never thought of using a consultant in the past. However, a gym consultant can ultimately save you a lot of time, money, and heartache. Simply put, a gym consultant is an expert who can help you solve your internal problems. Moreover, they bring with them abilities, education, and expertise that can help improve your situation. This can include assisting you with your marketing, improving your overall business, or even expanding.

There are many reasons that a fitness business will seek out a gym consultant. That said, it ultimately comes down to either filling gaps in one’s own knowledge or to bring an impartial and unbiased perspective. Very often, a decline in gym memberships or merchandise sales is a symptom of a greater problem, which needs to be rooted out.  But, sometimes, you may have a vision or goal for your gym that is simply not within your skill set. In other instances, things may have moved so quickly that you know you could be doing things better, and a consultant can help you optimize. In many respects, a gym consultant is a personal trainer for your business. Does that make sense to you?

Do you have questions? What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about if a gym consultant can help you run your fitness business, or a related topic, or contact us.

Gym Sales Training for a Non-salesperson

Unless you’re a YouTube star opening your own gym after collecting thousands of fans, you’re going to need to sell memberships, training, and apparel at your gym to become profitable. Sales, however, can be a daunting prospect to the uninitiated.

There are a few reasons gym owners struggle to sell. To many, the idea of “sales” conjures images of used car charlatans, shadily saying anything to move inventory off the lot. To others, sales never factored into opening a gym; the business was started to help people get in shape and better their lives. To most, the sales process is a mystery, an abstract idea so far from the concrete science of fitness that it seems an insult to even house them in same building. But what if making and growing sales numbers isn’t as difficult as it seems? What if, like counting macros, calculating volume, or adding plates, sales was just about numbers? Here’s the big secret: it is.

Make it a science.  

There are three parts to fitness sales. The first is getting people in the door. It’s not enough to just build it, you need to make them come. The next step is to actually interact with potential members and clients. If a non-member walks into your gym, takes a look around, and leaves, you have almost no chance of selling that person a membership, training, or even a smoothie. Finally, you need to make the sale. It seems obvious, but if more gym owners recognized making the sale as part of the process, they’d see more success.

Going forward, these three parts will be represented by numbers; 20-6-2.

Get people in the door.

Marketing strategy is beyond the scope of this post. Instead, focus on the concrete numbers behind getting non-members to enter your facility. If, as a gym owner, you focus on attracting a certain number of non-members each day, you can figure marketing out later. The bottom line is this: how many people do you want to reach each day? Choose a realistic number. Make it attainable. And, perhaps above all, don’t be afraid to change it.

Let’s use the number 20 as an example. Set a goal to meet 20 people per day. Give them a business card, a free workout pass, a free training session, it doesn’t matter. Talk to them and tell them about your gym.

Set appointments.

The next step to sales success is to set appointments. This is the 6 in our 20-6-2 formula.  After you contact your 20 people, 6 should set an appointment to meet with you. Make sure this is a formal appointment to meet with you, see the gym, and maybe have a training session…this is when you’ll (eventually) make your sale.

But it doesn’t stop there. Suppose you go 6 for 6, two hours into your workday. You see 6 people, and set 6 appointments. You aren’t done. This is a numbers game. If you schedule 6 appointments, you can only (potentially) close 6 sales. WHY STOP THERE?? The more appointments you can set, the more sales you can make.  Treat your goal number as a minimum.

Make the sale.

Finally, the moment you’ve been reading for; it’s time to make the sale. This is the 2 in our formula. For every 6 appointments you set, you should sell two of those non-members. Your entire appointment with that individual should be directed toward the eventual sale. Your focus should be on demonstrating your value to the potential member. Show them why they want to join, and how you can help them meet their goals. Ask for the sale. Don’t sit there and expect for them to volunteer their money. It’s as simple as saying something like “Can we go ahead and get you signed up?” or “Let’s go ahead and get you started today.”

Focus on the numbers.

Don’t get cocky. Stick to the numbers. By following the numbers you can collect accurate data to assess your success. You will be able to find holes in your game; are you bad at setting appointments or closing sales? Maybe you schedule plenty of appointments, but they all cancel. Why? This is where consultation services shine. Using your data, and some of their own, you can resolve any problems you discover.

The numbers can be cruel. They will tell you with blunt, brutal honesty how effective your efforts actually are. If you abide by the numbers, consistently, then you’ll see your sales grow.

Are you looking for someone to help grow your gym business?  contact us today!

Getting Into the Business of Your Dreams: A New Gym Start Up

For some people, working in the fitness industry is an allusive dream. But it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or be an Ironman finisher to own a gym. All you need is the desire to help people improve their lives and Fitness Management & Consulting in your corner.

Fitness Management & Consulting is a nationally acclaimed consulting firm for those in the fitness industry who want a boost when it comes to start ups, sales training, marketing, gym sales, and more. FM Consulting was founded by expert Jim Thomas. We don’t do franchise fees or royalty fees. Only pay for the services you need.

When it comes to start ups, FM Consulting can help you choose the best location for your gym, find you financing through our network, build out and design your club, train your staff, create your website and social media design, set up billing and collections, and more.

With help from FM Consulting, you don’t have to have the expertise on running a gym to start one. You just need to have the desire and the willingness to learn. FM Consulting can fill the gaps in your knowledge and set you up for success with tried and true best practices. We have helped many entrepreneurs start their own gym, revived floundering fitness centers, and helped those sell their businesses when they are ready to.

For more information on how FM Consulting can help you with your new start up gym and your dream job, contact us today.

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