Ways to Maintain Leadership While Working Remotely

Managing a team remotely during COVID has led many companies to look for strategies to maintain leadership while working remotely.

Some managers allow workers to become self-independent and work their hours, but a company still needs a functioning team.

Group leaders are essential to micromanaging a team, but with the introduction to remote work, it’s harder to maintain a sense of control.

This article will give you tips on performance management for remote workers and some work-from-home strategies for companies.

The Challenges of Remote Leadership

Commanding a staff of workers from a distance is challenging for any supervisor. No one understands the preparation it takes to manage a remote team.

Here are some issues you can expect when working with a remote team.

No Face-to-Face Supervision

Working in person, some employees feel pressured to work harder with their boss around the corner.

In a remote position, the employee has no supervisor watching over their performance unless it’s a scheduled meeting.

Employees get the bare minimum requirements and are left to do the work themselves, which leads to poor team communication and productivity.

Poor Expectations

The expectations become loose with each employee and push workers to set how much effort they decide to put in.

Some workers require more guidance than others, and that kind of trait is hard to pick up over a computer screen.

What Styles of Leadership Are Preferred When Working Remotely?

While a leader grows with his team, he develops a style and pattern to perform his duties, leading to promising results.

These are the three most common leadership styles that emerge from remote work.

Participative Leadership

A participative leader enjoys making his workers feel heard and included. During meetings and collaboration groups, the workers have many chances to voice their opinions.

Transformational Leadership

These type of leaders motivate their workers with an inspirational mindset. Setting an example by practicing and focusing on the big picture helps employees develop a drive to work harder.

Situational Leadership

Situational leaders adapt to the situation and change their working habits to match the changes. Employees who are very flexible and appeal to the latest policy rules can work under situational leadership.

Tips for Being a Better Remote Leader

There’s a learning curve to maintaining leadership while working remotely. Depending on the team, the methods vary for effectiveness.

However, there are common strategies leaders can learn to manage their remote workers.

Open Communication

The change from in-person to remote work limits the different communication pathways. So how do you get in contact with an employee without being intrusive?

Video chatting and creating an online discord group helps keep the team connected without losing communication.

Establish Goals and Priorities

Employees are more motivated to work when they have clear goals to follow.

Set the ground rules, online policies, and basic etiquette when working remotely. When everyone is on the same page, there are no problems and confusion.

Lead by Example

There are times for the leader to motivate his workers by putting himself first and showing that the work is manageable.

This method creates a bond between the leader and employee and improves company morale.


How to maintain leadership while working remotely is a new concept to grasp, but with the right skills and personality, anyone can be able to do it.

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